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Departments And Divisions

C.E.O Quality Objectives

The Office of the CEO is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring effective and efficient implementation of Board Policies, plans, guidelines, procedures, set rules and regulations.
  2. Ensuring timely planning and coordination of board meetings to achieve the expected goals and objectives.
  3. Ensuring effective communication to customers, monitor information relating to customer perception, complaints handling and provide feedback.

Finance Department Quality Objectives

The Finance Department is responsible for:

  1. Maintaining an accounting system that is complaint with relevant government financial procedures and reporting on the financial position of the organization in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  2. Preparing annual estimates for submission to The National Treasury through the parent Ministry. The department is led by the Finance Manager who reports directly to the CEO.

Human Resource Department

The Human Resources and Administration Department is responsible for:

  1. Managing the human resources division and implementing human resources policies and procedures to ensure organization is resourced with professional, competent and motivated workforce to deliver the strategic objectives.
  2. Offering advisory services to management on HR matters and deal with all staff matters including recruitment and selection, placement, retention, training and development, discipline, administration of staff welfare and separation.

Procurement Department

  1. This division is responsible for developing and implementing the annual procurement plan in accordance with Public Procurement & Asset Disposal Act 2015.

Internal Audit Department

The Internal Audit is responsible for:

  1. Providing assurance to the Board of Directors and management that the Board’s assets are safeguarded and internal control systems are strengthened by conducting internal audits as per the approved audit plan.
  2. Carrying out special audits and/or investigations requested by the management within the financial year.

ICT Department

The ICT division’s function is to:

  1. Plan, operate and secure institution ICT infrastructure and provide ICT services to all customers as per the TWSB ICT standards by ensuring that all ICT enquiries and complaints are handled within set time frame.
  2. It is further charged with continued improvement of institutional automation level through automation of its core business processes and ensuring proper data management and efficient communication within institution.

Strategic & Planning Department

The planning department functions is to:

  1. Identify areas for long-term water and sanitation development, carryout preliminary studies, preparing feasibility studies and develop concept papers for the identified areas.
  2. Market the concept papers to prospective financiers for financing detailed designs and the water and sanitation infrastructure development.
  3. Develop and monitor the implementation of the Board’s strategic plan and annual performance contract. The department is led by the Planning and Strategy Manager, who reports directly to the CEO.

Technical Department

The Technical Services department has the following responsibilities:

  1. To develop water and sewerage infrastructure to ensure access to adequate, safe and affordable water and sewerage services.
  2. To monitor contracted WSPs for compliance with the Minimum Service Level (MSL).

The Technical Services department comprises four sections:

  • Water Services Provision Section
    1. Monitor overall performance of WSPs
    2. b. Advice the Board on appropriate strategies to improve performance of WSPs
  • Assets Development SectionPlan, design and construct Board’s Water and Sewerage infrastructure
  • Rural Water and Sanitation Services SectionCo-ordinate and carry out assessment on the impact of financial and Technical support provided to Rural Community water suppliers and sanitation projects.
  • Programs SectionCo-ordinate and supervise implementation of activities under special programmes.